SUPASTARBEATZ was started in March of 2009, from a basement on the southside of Chicago, IL.  The 3rd beat selling website for promoting and selling the hip-hop and R&B beat tracks of Brooklyn, NY Dj Quazar.  After a chance online meeting with a Queens, NY emcee, Mr. Who, the two immediately clicked and became a group, partners, friends, and family. was born and soon became an online independent record label, "Supastarbeatz Digital Downloads & CDs".  Currently welcoming Mr. Xspence to the family, we're working on new music releases, new artists and groups, with the goal to continue bringing true music, with the best of raw Hip-Hop, hot r&b, innovative jazz, classic soul, classic rock, reggae, dancehall, and many other newer and classic genres, categories, and styles. Always keeping it honest, true, and independent.

Supastarbeatz has become a "family business"/"mom & pop" sort of recording label, in comparison to the giant music industry. But, remember that those "mom & pop" businesses usually do quite well for themselves and for many, many years. Usually respected, needed, and loved by the general public, even more than the big chains and majors. Here is where they plan to settle in, live and eventually die, nestled and deeply rooted within the heart of the community. So, check out the super sounds on our music page and join our mailing list, to stay ahead of everyone, with our latest news, updates, sounds, and our Facebook and follow our Twitter, & Instagram pages to keep immediately current with us
And most definitely come back to visit us frequently, making this one of your online mainstays.

Blessings upon you, all. 


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