The Def Duo started in New Britain, CT, around 1981, with 2 emcees and one Dj.  Steve Brown, who at the time was known as "Dr. Doom-Trapper John MC" and the green-eyed Troy Dean, who was known as "MC Smiley"....and their Dj was Jeff Mitchell, also known as "Jeff The Majestic"

One day, while performing at New Britain's traditionally annual sidewalk sale and town celebration, "Main Street USA", the new kid in town, "Dj Quazar" was in the crowd, enjoying the live hip-hop performance. 
Quazar and Jeff had recently become fast friends, after scratch-battling each other at a mutual friend's (Clarence Kenney aka "Clink") home, on his father's house stereo.  Jeff had come to recognize and respect Quazar's turntable skills.  So, when Jeff looked up and noticed Quazar in the crowd, he signaled for his friend to make way through the crowd to stand v.i.p. style, next to the turntables. Quazar started making his way. Meanwhile, the emcees were still performing songs and had no clue of what was happening.  By the time Quazar reached the turntables, Jeff was gone.  He'd simultaneously made his way to the back of the crowd and began signaling for Quazar to take over. So, without missing a beat, Quazar kept the music going, mixing, cutting, & scratching.  The emcees glanced back a couple of times in amazement, yet continued to perform.  After the performance, Jeff was nowhere to be found.  That was the exact day and moment when Quazar became the official Dj for the Def Duo. 

A year later, MC Smiley had grown into different interests, thereby leaving him voted and at the same time, dropping...out of the group.  The Def Duo had become an actual duo with Steve & Qua.  Time went on and the Duo gain major local fame and after Quazar gained prime spots and shows on some of CT.'s top radio stations for hip-hop and r&b, the Def Duo became more famous, statewide and more.  Never wanting to be exploited by the infamous recording industry, they gave many, many memorable and historical performances, recorded 3 albums worth of material, and became best friends, over the years. 

By 1993, Steve was a married father and Quazar was engaged and moving to Michigan, for a better quality of life.  They lost touch a few times over the years.  Sometimes for 3-5 years at a time, but always reconnected and picked right back up, where they left off.  They recorded new material in 2004, by mailing cds of music and vocals back and forth to each other. 

Recently in 2015, they decided to go forward with brand new material to be released for the public, through Quazar's digital recording label (Supastarbeatz Digital Downloads & CDs), exclusively on the label's website, 

Now, recognized as living legends, Steve & Quazar as The Def Duo, have many trophies and feats under their belt: 

       * Coining and recording the phrase "Hard Hittin' New Britain" in 1996
       * First local act to record a complete album and then, 3 complete albums 
       * First to remix a full album 
       * Undefeated in all battles 
       * First local act to give planned, organized, and exciting shows 
       * First local artists to have hundreds of fans follow on foot, for 3 miles from one venue to another 
       * First rap group to perform for E.C. Godwin Technical School
       * First local act to present multiple successful Hip-Hop events 
       * First local rap act to perform regularly at New Britian's annual "Main Street USA" event 
       * First local emcee to keep all lyrics and songs in his head, never writing them down (and still does)



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